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Friday, September 10, 2010

10 days into the new grocery store regime

I am now 10 days into my new grocery shopping habits. In 10 days our family has spent $175 which puts us on track for a $525/bill for the month. I did very good in week one, doing only one shop and this has done the majority of our groceries for the entire week and a half. This week though has been a busy one and I've found myself running out of a few items and having to make a few extra trips. This no doubtedly would have been solved had I made the Sunday shopping trip at the beginning of the week.

Meal planning has really helped me get better use of my groceries and reducing waste.

Kraft gave me some great ideas on buying one bag of groceries for five dinners. Although I didn't follow all the dinners, it certainly gave me some good ideas. Here's the link:


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